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The Vampire Is Alive (1987)
The Vampire Is Alive

Reviewed by: venomsfan
Date: 08/25/2022
Summary: A film worth trying!

This was quite a unique film. There is a lot of wildness that ended up working surprisingly well. At first, the plot may not come off as all that interesting, but it starts to pick up quickly. The acting from some of the cast can be stiff, but I found that it was not unbearable since I was genuinely curious about the events that were beginning to unfold. Michelle Yim, Sorapong Chatree, Sun Chien (whose character was not in it for very long, but he made brief appearances as a jiangshi and a creature with metal-like claws), and a few other members of the cast gave great performances. Michelle Yim is in most of the movie, so she brings a lot of fierceness and mysteriousness to the story line. She is very cunning and bold overall, since her character is trying to solve a murder. Although she goes about it in quite a violent way at times. I will not give too many details to avoid spoiling it. Sorapong Chatree was quite charming in his role as he played a police officer who was intelligent, which lit up the screen. He had a pleasant and kindhearted vibe since he was genuinely trying to be helpful. Sun Chien leaves an impression since he is a mix of kind, cautious, and a bit sheepish. I found the character to be very likable and friendly, unlike some others that are introduced early on. The two female characters were a bit unlikable at first, so he improved the atmosphere greatly. The actresses did not do a bad job of displaying emotions or feelings. They were seemingly just less experienced. This can also be said of some of the other actors.

There are some elements to the film that are cool. It includes Jiangshi and the creature that I mentioned earlier, who all fit well into the story line to make for some entertaining moments. The film deals with a woman writing a script about the last emperor of China. Strange things happen as she tries to learn about him. The unusual events are introduced to let the audience know that there is something off about the whole situation. Thus, it made sense to include some supernatural elements in the plot. It is worth mentioning that there are some additions that are seemingly pointless, which leaves you wondering why they were thrown in to begin with. Two examples are a man that turns into a ninja and he later seems to be dressed almost like a robot. It baffled me as there was no reasonable explanation or point to those elements, so it did take away from some of the enjoyment. The whole thing felt disjointed and sloppy. The few action scenes in the film are enjoyable despite the two things that I mentioned earlier. It wasn't anything boring or repetitive since there was always something new happening. 

You are in for a wild ride with this film. That being said, it either makes you laugh or keeps you engaged. So there is no choice but to keep watching to see what is going to happen. Some of it is even unexpected. Overall, this is a movie that is worth watching at least once since it has some good plot points and enough to keep one entertained throughout the whole thing.

Reviewer Score: 7