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十八層地獄 (1982)
The Hell

Reviewed by: heinz Germany
Date: 02/17/2020
Summary: Nothing scary, but kind of (useless) splattering

Very small cast, with a (murdered by robbers) young couple by some injust fate misplaced in hell, tries to escape from bloody torture and to 'survive' in hell anyhow (beeing death though)
The makers tries to scar the audience with much blood to compensate the absence of thrill and it feels like a typical silly taiwanese folk fantasy most of the time, only able to scar chickenhearted children anyhow,
But there is a crazy scene, where a unknown person is torn in pieces by 5 'devils'.
They simultanious tear apart all legs, arms and the head after twisting him several times while
pulling his extremities and a burst of blood appears and left me wondering: WTF! I haven't
prepared for that to happen in that gory manner..

Anyhow: That doesn't save the film from beeing boring and hard to suffer through

Reviewer Score: 2