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漢武帝夢會衛夫人 (1954)
The Dream Encounter Between Emperor Wu of Han and Lady Wei

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 06/26/2004

Good cast but very slow tale. Adapted from the Cantonese opera, it's a story that's told to the viewer for the most part rather than shown.

Widowed Princess Ping Yeung 'admires' royal guard Wei Ching who bemoans his lack of opportunity. The princess manuevers his sister Tsi Hing to be the emperor's concubine hoping to help advance him. The empress, jealous, spreads rumours about Tsi Hing. Tsi Hing is thus exiled by the Empress Dowager. The empress sends a spy. Wei Ching, now a general, pays her a visit and treats her harshly knowing that they are being watched. He feigns slaying her and instead throws a maid into the well. The emperor, empress and princess believe Tsi Hing dead seeing the body in the well. Later, after Tsi Hing gives birth to a baby, she returns to the joyful emperor.

The audio on the vcd is very muffled.

Reviewer Score: 4