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少林寺酒天鬼童 (1982)
Firefist of the Incredible Dragon

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 09/19/2017
Summary: More of a strange ghost story than kung fu film...

Chen Tin-chi (Lee Jae-Yeong) is searching for his friend Kun-kun, and one night is led by a look-alike ghost to a lord’s compound. He starts to investigate the compound’s family, the Liaos, and gets embroiled in the sadistic lord’s scheme to kidnap and rape young women who are traveling through his district. He locates Kun-kun, and finds that she is looking for her sister, Shu-shu, who disappeared in the area a few weeks before. Soon they discover that Master Liao Wu Hong (Chan Bo-Leung) killed both Shu-shu and her husband, and they, along with the ghost’s spirit, look for revenge.

Firefist of the Incredible Dragon is essentially a ghost story with a bit of kung fu thrown in. The plot itself is quite dire, with bodies of young women being dumped in the woods after the head of the Liao household rapes and kills them. There is tons of overt nudity and more than a couple rape scenes that are borderline disturbing. The kung fu, as little as there is, is actually quite good, with Lee Jae-Yeong a capable martial artist, as well as the lead actress. Their final fight with Chan Bo-Leung is exciting and well choreographed, even if it ends in a strange way. It’s not a bad movie if you don’t approach it as a kung fu film, but more as an off-the-wall ghost story with weird effects, like a flying heart that can explode people’s heads and rip arms off. The original movie was cut by about 11 minutes for the Godfrey Ho version, eliminating some of the nudity and truncating the “comedic” scenes involving the old Uncle (Ai Chai-Choi).

Reviewer Score: 6