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花依舊笑春風 (1956)
The Peach-Blossoms Are Still in Bloom

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 12/29/2003

Sing (Cheung Ying) is in love with his poor country cousin, Tou (Hung Sin Nui).
His mother (Wong Man Lei) disapproves due to Tou's low upbringing and fear that she is a golddigger. Instead she betroths him to Ji (Nam Hung) who's father lend her twenty grand. When Sing's mother bribes Tou's father (Wong Cho-San) to feign Tou's death, trying to cure his melancholy over their separation, Sing's sister (Mui Yee) assists her brother in regaining his true love .

Partly a fedual melodrama (with a matriarch this time), partly tragic romance and one happy ending tacked on.
Quite enjoyable due to the great cast. Cheung Ying and Hung Sin Nui are a great pair, though her role usually is played by Pak Yin, Mui Yee is, again, cute as a button and Wong Man Lei is solid as the fierce mother. Nam Hung is very young in this film.

A very young Law Lan can be spotted playing one of Ji's girlfriends sitting around a table while Tou marvels at the magical phonograph.

The film opens with a scene of peach blossoms being harvested while a folk song is sung and ends a year later when the blossom are in bloom again.

Reviewer Score: 7