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呆佬遇鬼 (1957)
The Dunce Bumps into a Ghost

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 09/24/2004
Summary: You're the Dunce...if you pass this one up!

Umbrella patcher Hin finds shelter at an inn one evening and encounters a ghost. The ghost turns out to be spirit of Siu-Kiu a prostitute murdered by one of her patrons. Siu-Kiu recalls how she came to such a pitiful end and seeks Hin’s assistance in wreaking revenge on the perpetrator, On (Lau Hark Suen).

Leung Sing Po is his usual delightful self as Hin. He has an especially entertaining scene escorting the invisible Siu-Kiu to town in search of On the malefactor. Tsi Law-Lin as Siu-Kiu plays the victimized prostitute (sold into servitude after her parents' demise) that leaves the brothel for On’s promised new life. Her scenes at the brothel are particularly moving. Lau Hark Sue, as On, is as evil as ever and oozes smarminess. He first tries to poison Siu-Kiu but resorts to more drastic means after that fails. Law Lan makes an appearance as Siu-Kiu’s maid at the brothel. Sai Gwa Pau has a few brief scenes as the innkeeper’s clerk. Chow Kat is credited as a storekeeper but I couldn’t spot him. Tai Sang Po appears as On’s maid.

The musical score is especially noteworthy and there are about a dozen songs throughout the film.

And if you ever wanted to see a man wash his feet in a basin and then gargle from said basin, here’s your chance.

The audio is slightly fuzzy on the vcd, this is a China Art release after all.

Reviewer Score: 6