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甜姐兒 (1957)
Darling Girl

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 01/16/2004

A very funny screwball comedy.

A flat tire one night brings a sassy rich girl (Man Lan) to Kwun's (Cheung Ying) doorstep. His life is immediately complicated when she has to spend the night, the night before his fiancee and father are due to arrive. Kwun's pal Lau (Yee Chau-Siu) and his wife (Yip Ping) sabotage his engagement to Chun and scheme to bring Kwun and Yuk, the sassy girl, together.

Highlights include: a Three Stooges-like routine involving the double knuckle to the nose and pie smearing between Leung Sing-Bo and Lee Pang-Fei, the two prospective father-in-laws, Bruce Lee, in a cameo as Yuk's former classmate, shaking his booty dancing a rhumba (or is it a mambo?) with Man Lan and then taking off as a brawl breaks out, Cheung Ying in a 'do' rag, Man Lan b*tch slapping Chun her soon-to-be rival the morning she is discovered in Kwun's bedroom.

Man Lan, is outstanding as Yuk, reminded me a whole lot of Cecilia Cheung. Top marks all around for execution.

Reviewer Score: 8