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空中小姐 (1959)
Air Hostess

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 01/27/2011

Air Hostess stars three of my MP&GI favorites, Grace Chang,
Julie Yeh Feng, and So Fung, and was my second dose of the era's
performances by Roy Chiao. He plays an overly serious flight pilot
here, and his co-pilot is played by his MP&GI antithesis, Kelly Lai
Chen. This is a color film, bright and earnest, with rich hues. I
thought it was okay, but I'm surprised to find that it's regarded
highly. Maybe it's because it's a memorable time capsule for those
who saw it in its first release, as it reflects the appeal of the
commercial air travel of its day. The bulk of the film is comprised
of women in stewardess school, and Grace Chang is radiant in it, so
there's that, too. While in school, an instructor makes a comment
about the way Yeh Feng walks, asking her to rein in it a little,
as the audience is treated to a rear view of Yeh Feng's wide hips
swinging. Hee hee. Air Hostess is really Grace Chang's show, though,
and the camera adores her.

Trivia: Yeh Feng's second husband was Zhang Yang (1). Her third was
Shaw Brothers leading man Ling Yun, who was in Hong Kong Nocturne,
in the Jenny Hu version of Love Without End (he played the male lead
therein), and in Clans of Intrigue.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: sharkeysbar
Date: 03/04/2005
Summary: Come fly with Grace

Chang Ge Lan's (aka Grace Chang) 1959 training video for flight attendant applicants. Just kidding, but it is the story of a head strong girl, who follows her dream to have an independent life rather than be married off at a young age. Grace sings several songs and basically the movie is built around her, and that is NO complaint. She has talent in bucket loads and she certainly shines in this movie. The story is weak however and is just a love story, but bearing in mind what it is (a vehicle for Grace to show off her many talents), it is a good little movie.
As a bonus, there are many scene shots from various locations circa 1959. Kai Tak airport (?) is virtually in the countryside, Taipei appeared empty and Bangkok is without its traffic, it sort of made me wish I'd had a chance to check these places out in that era.
I have to admit, Grace has better movies, but this is no disgrace, its a pleasant way to pass 108 minutes, especially if you need a mental "pick-me-up".