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情深似海 (1960)
Forever Yours

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 01/27/2011

Forever Yours is a devastating weepie about a woman, played by
Grace Chang, who falls in love with an adoring, poetic man, played by
Kelly Lai Chen, who makes bonsai arrangements and has a seemingly
terminal disease. The sacrifices she makes to keep him happy are like
the ones the husband makes in Love Without End (certainly like in the
1961 Linda Lin Dai version, but less so in the 1970 Jenny Hu re-make),
and are heartbreaking. The film is somber and downbeat, with evocative,
nuanced noirish lighting, and features a more-masculine-than-usual
performance by the ordinarily elfin and fey Kelly Lai Chen (who is the
brother of Betty Loh Tih!) as the husband. As others have pointed out,
this is the only film in which Grace Chang does not dance nor sing a
single song. She's a very good actress, though, so her work here is
not a stretch, by any means. Think of the second half of Mambo Girl,
wherein Grace searches for her mother; and the last third of The Wild,
Wild Rose, where she lies low and tries to save her beloved; and
you'll have an idea of the mode she is in in this film. Grace's role in the
two-part epic Sun, Moon and Star bears much in common with her
role in Forever Yours, as well. I thought this film was great and
recommend it highly. Apparently, this is one of Grace's most
underappreciated films. Be sure to bring tissues with you if you see it,
which I suggest you do.

Reviewer Score: 9