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ɼӤT (1960)
Between Tears and Laughter

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 01/27/2011

Three Cathay stars representing three very different personas
and bodies of work are represented in Between Tears and Laughter.
Wang Lai plays a divorced woman with a young son, Helen Li Mei plays
a novelist scared of new relationships, and Kitty Ting Hao plays a
perky girl anxious to meet her Singaporean penpal, played by Roy
Chiao. Having Li Mei and Ting Hao in the same film is a disorienting
experience, and having Wang Lai play a peer to these two women adds
to the disorientation. This is the first time I'd really gotten a
good taste of Kitty Ting Hao because her role was so small in Mambo
Girl, and I was not too taken with her here because she is way too
snippy with her ardent, ingenuous suitor, Tin Ching (who is also her
boss at work), on account of being hung up on the penpal whom she has
yet to meet. Li Mei's introduction in this film is highly unglamorous
as we first see her asleep in bed with a relative lack of -- or at
least unflattering -- makeup. Wang Li's estranged husband is played
very straight by Shaw Brothers regular Yeung Chi-Hing, whom she
encounters while visiting her young son who has been in the hospital
with polio for a year. While all three women work through anguished
situations by the time the film ends, I felt especially bad for Li
Mei's character, and was gratified when her situation changed for the
better. It's this portion of the film that I enjoyed most, since I
like Li Mei quite a bit.

Reviewer Score: 6