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溫柔卿 (1960)
Bachelors Beware

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 01/27/2011

Bachelors Beware is a comedy, and perhaps I didn't watch it with
the right mindset, having just recently seen the wrenching Cathay
melodrama Devotion, but there's something about star Linda Lin
Dai that hasn't clicked with me yet. My only previous encounters
with her had been the Shaw Brothers films Love without End (in
which she plays a woman with a terminal disease) and The Lotus
Lamp, in which she plays a fairy, and so her impish role in this
film wasn't something I was prepared for. Zhang Yang plays the
part of a playboy with three girlfriends, and Lin Dai plays his
cousin come to visit and woo him. Straightaway, she sizes up her
competition and sets to derailing all her cousin's relationships
in quick succession. My trouble was in identifying with her rather
than with the put-upon recipients of her machinations. I guess
this is understandable after having seen several Cathay dramas in
which the long-suffering female leads fall victim either to others
or to circumstance. Against type, the wonderful Dolly So Fung plays
a rich socialite, and Zhang Yang is uncharacteristically delightful.

After having watched more Cathay comedies, including the Linda Lin
Dai-starrer Cinderella and Her Little Angels, which I rather liked,
I realize that I might have misjudged Bachelor's Beware. In that
case, I'd rate it a 7 instead of a 6.

Reviewer Score: 6