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體育皇后 (1961)
Beauty Parade

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 01/27/2011

Beauty Parade is a fluff piece about country girl Kitty Ting
Hao being accepted in a city high school. She is very cute but
the film isn't even as serious as Spring Song, where Grace Chang
and Jeanette Lin Cui played adversarial college student roommates.
Tin Ching plays a country bumpkin smitten by Kitty, and Kelly Lai
Chen plays Kitty's best friend's brother who likes Kitty, but no
romantic relationship flourishes in this film. Rather, Kitty
excells in sports to the detriment of her studies, and has to try
hard to stay in school. Lo Wei plays her father, and it is
surprising to see him emote with tears in his eyes -- a great
departure from all the pompous roles he had at Shaw Brothers. A
slight, but enjoyable film, but really only recommended for those
who like Kitty Ting Hao, who is undeniably cute.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 06/29/2007
Summary: should've been called "sport's queen"...

ah-sue (kitty ting) is a country girl who goes to study in the city. being a little older and a little taller than everyone else, she soon becomes the target of the school bullies, who she just happens to share a room with. despite being a little bit behind on the academic front, ah-sue is head and shoulders above everyone else when it comes to running, basketball and other sports.

it is ah-sue's sporting prowess which brings honour to the school and acceptance / popularity with the other girls. all is going well until ah-sue fails most of her exams! she now has the summer holiday to bring herself up to speed and pass those exams, but will this be the of her sporting endeavours?

this early sixties, vehicle for the charming kitty ting is a pretty enjoyable affair; kitty is, indeed, charming and more or less carries the film on her shoulders. it's a classic tale about being accepted at school, using a formula that hasn't really changed in the last forty six years.

the film's main comedy seems to come from ah-sue's niavity (mistaking one of her roommate's fake breasts for a pin cushion), liu enjia's bumbling caretaker (who seems to be hit, burnt or abused at every opportunity) and the country boy who has a crush on ah-sue; none of this is going to make you wee your pants, but there's a couple of chuckles to be had. plus, the overall tone of the film and its kitsch charm should bring a gentle smile to your face for it's duration.

entertaining enough...

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 12/08/2003

Talk about a film ahead of its time, Beauty Parade tackles the issues of the student/athlete head on.

When country girl Ah-Sue (Kitty Ting Hao) enters school on a probationary basis, the city girls abuse and take advantage of her. But when her athletic prowess in track, archery, shot putting(!) and on the basketball court brings accolades to the school everything changes. At semester end, her grades are poor to the family's great disappointment. The brother (Kelly Lai Chen)of her best friend tutors her over summer and Ah-Sue is able to advance to the next grade with her classmates. But she has vowed to renounce sports to concentrate on her grades. When school resumes the team needs Ah-Sue, but she is studiously ensconced in the library. The pressure is on, from her schoolmates, teacher and principal, to rejoin the team. What will Au-Sue do? Guess...

I found the country sections of the film more enjoyable than the rote city/school sections.

Reviewer Score: 6