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一對好冤家 (1963)
The Quarrelsome Lovers

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 11/10/2004

Despite a pedigreed cast and crew, this film is hampered by a shoddy look.

Basically, a battle of the sexes story, the film lacks the spark this sort of tale needs to rise above the pack. Chi-Hung leaves Singapore to run his uncle's company back in Hong Kong. He leaves behind Mei Ling a fellow classmate and debating rival. Chi-Hung is sent to the airport to pick up his uncle's partner and family. The partner's daughter turns out to be Mei Ling (Lam Fung) who mistakes him for the company driver. Later, identities straightened out, the two take turns trying to best each while alternately running the company. Chi-Hung gets Mei Ling drunk and has compromising pictures taken of her, she fires him, he returns as a tailor and ruins her dress, etc. Gam Lui appears as, Kuo, a sleazy business client who also courts Mei Ling and becomes victim to the old itchy powder gag. Things come to an expected end when Kuo proposes and prepares to wed Mei Ling.

Fairly entertaining, the comedy is plentiful if hoary, even for the time. There are plenty of jokes, including a running joke around the phrase 'jidoh ma' (roughly translated as "Know what I mean?" or "Understand?"). The film simply lacks snap and probably hindered by a low budget, the office and other sets look cheap.

Wu Fung and Lam Fung make a good opposing pair representing their genders. Lam Fung (her life cut short by suicide) is quite beautiful and natural as the wealthy sophisticate. Leung Sing Po plays Chi-Hung's uncle and Lok Kung who plays Mei Ling's father both perform reliably. Ko Lo Chuen is one of the company men and Chui Mei Wah is Mei Ling’s aunt. Other supporter actors include: Tsang Choh Lam, the photographer, Heung Hoi the real company driver and Sai Gwa Pau, seen briefly appears topless, a servant.

If you like the cast, it’s worth a view.

Reviewer Score: 5