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萬花迎春 (1964)
The Dancing Millionairess

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 01/27/2011

I obtained 1964's The Dancing Millionnairess because it is
one of the only two films on disc (the other being the King Hu
film Sons of Good Earth) featuring the husband and wife team of
Peter Chen and Betty Loh Tih. It is a Shaw Brothers film, but it
turns out to have been directed by Tao Qin, aka Doe Chin, who
also directed Our Sister Hedy and the original Love Without End
(with Linda Lin Dai), both of which I liked. Then again, he also
directed Les Belles. Oh well. I found The Dancing Millionnairess
to be quite involving. It concerns a floundering dance troupe,
including King Hu in a comedic role as a set designer, and the
way they manage to involve an heiress in their company in a very
convoluted manner. Loh Tih goes from imperious to endearing, and
the film ends with a well-done, almost-20-minute extravanganza.

Peter Chen is usually pretty unflappable in everything I've seen
him in, but there are two scenes in this film where Loh Tih
psyches him out, causing him to get very agitated and evasive.
It's quite amusing, as well as delightfully squirm-inducing for
the audience. Doe Chin also directed the 1967 Lily Ho/Essie Lin
Chia/Ching Li Shaws vehicle, My Dreamboat, which I have on VCD but
haven't seen yet, and the 1963 Shaws film Love Parade, starring
Peter Chen and Linda Lin Dai, featuring King Hu and Fanny Fan Lai,
which I don't have. He also directed the sequel to Our Sister Hedy,
Wedding Bells for Hedy, which is not on disc, and Linda Lin Dai's
final film, the two-part The Blue and the Black, which is on disc.

Reviewer Score: 7