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妲己 (1964)
The Last Woman of Shang

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 02/16/2003

This flick is supposed to a true story concerning the last days of the Shang Dynasty. How true? I don’t know. Supposedly, during the last few years of the Shang Dynasty, the ruthless Emperor Chou (San Wing Gwan) was at the helm. The movie depicts him as being a jolly guy who at a seconds notice can be enraged. When he did not receive a tribute from Su Hu (Tien Feng), an official in charge of a territory in China, the Emperor became enraged and killed him. Emperor Chou then took Su Hu’s daughter, Da Ji (Lin Dai) and her servant, Chi Yan (Ting Hung), back to the Capital. Instead of crying their lives away, Da Ji and Chi Yan accepted reality with Emperor Chou with one thing in mind—revenge. Da Ji and Chi Yan planned real carefully on the Emperor’s downfall and they really didn’t have to lift a finger. In the end, some men led by Chi Fa (Nan Kong Yuan), besieged Emperor Chou’s fortress and set it on fire. Emperor Chou and Da Ji apparently died in the blaze along with Shang Dynasty.