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雙鳳奇緣 (1964)
The Female Prince

Reviewed by: barrst
Date: 09/13/2007
Summary: Huangmei Opera

Ivy Ling Po decides to dress as a man and go to the capital to try and find her brother, so they can try to clear her fiance of charges trumped up to break their engagement. While in the capitol she takes the exam (as a man) to become Top Scholar so she might gain the power to review her fiance's case. As usual in such crossdressing operas, complications ensue revolving around an engagement to another woman.

Fang Ying and Li Ching are charming, the latter as a "cheeky" maid whose plans end up causing lots of trouble.

The images in this film on the restored DVD are very impressive.

Reviewer Score: 6