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何日君再來 (1966)
Till the End of Time

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 02/15/2003

This was Jenny Hu’s debut film and she really shined. The story is about this workaholic named Chang Cho Ming (Peter Chan) who works so much to provide a comfortable living for his family that he practically goes blind! Amazing! Hseuh Ling (Jenny Hu), his beautiful wife, must go back to work as a cabaret singer to help pay the bills, but eventually hits it big time as she gets to sing on TV. Cho Ming, feeling he is useless to his wife, ups and runs away—nobody can find him. Eventually, Cho Ming comes back when his wife and the sound of his son pleads with him to come back home on TV. How touching! A great melodrama with wimpy romantic star Peter Chan Ho and the gorgeous Jenny Hu.