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The Knight of Knights

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 07/27/2003

This flick is one of the few un-satisfying 1 ½ hour flicks you can ever watch. The fights looked very sloppy and unconvincing. As for the blood, the extras need to work on squeezing that little “blood bag” just a little bit more. Another thing I didn’t like in the flick as the producers gave Li Ching and Lily Ho top billing even though both barely used up any screen time. In this flick, you have a bunch of guys pretending to be monks going around the local townships kidnapping pretty women for their own pleasures. The province Official, Lin (Li Ying), receives word that the temple where the monks stay is a haven for crime. Lin sends one of his best to investigate, Wen Su Chen (Chiao Chuang), and surely enough Wen Su Chen is able to come up with some dirt and report back to Lin. Throw in another subplot about how Governor Wang (Li Yun Chung) and his boys from the Temple try to snuff out Lin and a couple of his daughters (played by Li Li Li and Lily Ho). Luckily for Lin, heroic swordsman, Wen Su Chen, comes through to help in the clutch.