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影迷公主 (1966)
Movie-fan Princess

Reviewed by: duriandave
Date: 08/04/2005

During the late 60s Connie Chan was the idol of Hong Kong’s “factory girls”, the young women who worked in the colony’s booming manufacturing industries. These women readily identified with Connie’s down-to-earth nature and can-do attitude. In Movie-Fan Princess she plays a factory girl who ends up becoming a movie star and being romanced by her screen idol played by Lui Kei.

Movie-Fan Princess was the first time that Connie was paired with Lui Kei, who would star as her leading man in 25 films over the next four years. Contemporary audiences are probably more familiar with the lampoons of Lui Kei (by Tony Leung Kar Fei in ‘92 Legendary La Rose Noir and by Francis Ng in Those Were the Days) than they are with the man himself. In this film, he plays a popular actor adored by Connie and all the other girls at the factory. Connie quickly loses her crush, however, when she finally sees him in person on the set of one of his films. He turns out to be quite the diva, demanding a break between each take to be pampered by three female attendants (one of them in a nurse’s outfit!). Her fantasy deflated, Connie tears up all of his pictures hanging on her bedroom wall. But when Connie later sees him at a hotel restaurant with one of her co-workers and flings a spoonful of her ice cream sundae in his face, Lui Kei is hopelessly smitten with her.

Their budding romance is challenged by the jealous co-worker who schemes to break them up and by the evil factory owner who wants to turn Connie into his personal concubine. Movie-Fan Princess ends with a fight, in which Connie shows her stuff and saves the day and then rushes off in the nick of time to make her appearance at a performance for her fans. The final scene in a hall packed with her young fans is a documentary tribute to the huge popularity of Connie Chan, the Movie-Fan Princess.

Reviewer Score: 10