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劫火紅蓮(下集) (1966)
The Aftermath of a Fire (Part 2)

Reviewed by: sookjenwong
Date: 10/08/2006
Summary: Additonal comments from part 1

Part 1 of this movie ends at the pagoda fight scenes. It is a cliffhanger and wonder if our heroes make it alive. Obviously, the intention is YES.

Our heroes are once again saved by Wun Gong Kay(Chai GOng Ying- Mui Kwai Nu) - Chai Ming's (Shek Kin) daughter who is the true murderer who killed Yeen(Chan Bo Chu) teachers 15 years prior.

Part 2 is little loose on storyline because the development of the story was done in part 1 - here in part 2 you have events leading the heroes to fight against the whole martial world and how they get out of traps and situations.

The most important scene is where Yeen fakes his death so (his) see mui (younger sister of the school) and Yung Bing ( his love) don't stop him. As he journeys to Kay Leen Pai to meet his death. The others realize and make a run to get there before he cuts his own throat. As the drums beat, Yeen reaches Kay Lee Pai, he is about to slit his throat, enters Lee Qui On to talk him out of it. But because of pride he raises the sword once again....and at the moment, Yung Bing runs in...these next scenes are the saddest and most felt- Yung loves Yeen very much and decides that they should marry before death. This whole scene of bowing and saying their vows are truly emotional.

Just about the time Yeen is to kill himself, both Sow Gay Hai and Mok comes and saves him by reciting information from the Chinese almanac. Chai Ming seeing that this spoils his plan of getting rid of his enemies, he issues an attack to our heroes but it turns out his plan backfired when all the other criminals decided to go against him - Finally the truth comes out that he is the murderer. Just about the time he is to be killed, Chai's daughter shows up and begs for mercy. Because of all she has done, Chai is let go.

Yeen does not have to die, he is united with Yung and Gay Mei and Mok can be together.

Enjoyable film, excellent casting

Reviewer Score: 9