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女秀才 (1966)
The Perfumed Arrow

Reviewed by: barrst
Date: 09/12/2007
Summary: Huangmei Opera

Huangmei Opera starring Ivy Ling Po as the only daughter of a military family. She is accomplished at martial skills. To attend school, she dresses as a man. When her parents want her to get engaged, she decides to leave her future husband up to fate by marrying whoever finds the titular arrow she proceeds to shoot into the school courtyard. Complications and much opera singing then ensue, generally around her gender and engagements.

Of the few Huangmei Operas I've seen, this one seems relatively low budget, and somewhat surprisingly features brief (stand-in) nudity and non-operatic swordplay. For an opera the pacing is fairly quick.

Reviewer Score: 6