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明日之歌 (1967)
Song of Tomorrow

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 12/21/2002

This flick is a drama dealing with loved ones under the influence of drugs. In this case, Sung Ping (Chiao Chuang), a drummer/pianist/song writer for a hot band is addicted to some Sherman sticks or some kind of cigarette laced with a drug. His girlfriend (also a singer for the band), Su Ling (Ivy Ling Po) tries to get him off the drugs. Through all the ups and downs of going cold turkey, Su Ling is there for Sung Ping. Eventually, Sung Ping gives into temptation and reverts to his old ways by taking a drag on those Sherman sticks (it doesn't help that one of Sung Ping's drug pushers keep throwing the dope at him). Su Ling, after going through the stress of trying to get Sung Ping back on track, is hospitalized with an illness that I guess is related to stress. Surgery is required for Su Ling and because of this, Sung Ping, changes his name, disappears from everybody, and checks into a rehab center to check his addiction and to quell his guilt. Su Ling eventually recovers and resumes singing. One of the songs she sings is Sung Ping's last song before disappearing entitled "Song of Tomorrow" on TV. Sung Ping, while in rehab, catches the viewing and feels inspired. He's so inspired that he decides to call Su Ling to let her know that he still exists. From then on, the two reunite and everybody is all happy and feeling good.