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鐵觀音勇破爆炸黨 (1968)
The Angel Strikes Again

Reviewed by: sharkeysbar
Date: 02/08/2005
Summary: Ho, Li Li Ho - 009, licenced to enchant

He Lili (or Ho li li if you prefer) stars in this secret agent thriller, playing agent 009. Amazing to think she played in 40 movies before her mid 20s! Prolific to say the least. In "Angel Strike back" agent 009 has her poolside holidays interupted to save Hong kOng from disaster as the bad guys are trying to sell high explosives to all and sundry.
This movie has plenty of action, some cool 1960s music, way-out fashions, trendy cars, in fact it has a bit of everything. It even managed to entertain a friend of mine who is a huge James Bond buff. Directed by Lo Wei (before the Bruce Lee movies), I found it an exceptionally good movie in all aspects, even the distinctly "indoor" outdoor sets were cool, bordering on "spoofing" the James Bond films of the time. I recommend this movie to all, its an enjoyable 90 odd minutes, a real time capsule of the late 1960s.