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QS (1969)
Love with a Malaysian Girl

Reviewed by: duriandave
Date: 09/13/2005

Before he started making adult films for Shaw Brothers in the seventies, Lui Kei started his directing career in 1969 with three movies starring himself and Connie Chan. Love with a Malaysian Girl is one of these.

Lui Kei plays a Hong Kong writer who travels to Malaysia for inspiration and ends up falling in love with Connie, who plays a famous Chinese opera singer. There are the usual objections to their inevitable marriage, but everything works out in the end—of course.

Love with a Malaysian Girl is not one of Connie's must-see films, but it does have its moments, the best of which is an extended courtship song sung in opera style featuring Connie as the man, with short hair slicked back and sporting a dashing silver dinner jacket. Connie also performs a traditional Malaysian dance (and looks quite fetching in a sarung and kebaya blouse).

Connie Chan fans will want to watch this just to see her real-life mother and father playing the parents of Lui Kei. In the film they are opposed to the couple's marriage, and off screen it is rumored that Connie's mom did not like her daugther making films with Lui Kei.

Reviewer Score: 6