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釣金龜 (1969)
The Millionaire Chase

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 07/03/2004

Peter Chen Ho plays a guy named Peter who manages a trio of girls in the entertainment field by the names of Zhi Nan (Betty Ting Pei), Yip Fang (Lily Ho), and Chang Ping (Chin Ping). Peter also manages a singer named Liu Wen Ying (Angela Yu Chien). Not only is he her manager, he is her part time lover, but regrettably, she is married to some old, rich swinger named Ku (Ku Wen Chung) who later seems to have the hots for Yip Fang. In order to spend some time with his flame on the down low, Peter decides to take his Trio of Mistresses, Ms. Liu, and her hubby all over Asia on a show tour. Mayhem and wacky hijinks ensues as there is a lot of ass chasing going around between everybody as the girls try desperately to bag millionaires as a husband and old man Ku wants to get his rocks off with Yip Fang. Not to mention there are plenty musical numbers, a crazy diamond smuggling plot added to the story, and some damn waiter who keeps meeting up with the girls at each Asian stop with a surprise in his pocket at the end. Flick is nothing spectacular, but a decent way to waste some time.