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插翅虎 (1970)
The Winged Tiger

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 03/04/2013
Summary: Chen Hung-Lieh -- to the rescue!?

The Winger Tiger is the only movie I've seen in which Chen
Hung-Lieh plays the lead and is a good guy, to boot. And he
carries the film quite well. Chen Hung-Lieh also played a good
guy in Death Valley two years earlier, but there, he sort of
played second fiddle to Yueh Hua. Not here, though. He's
charismatic and gallant, and has a complicated relationship
with Angela Yu Chien, who here has so much more make-up than
she did in Death Valley that it's sometimes hard to realize
that she's the same person. What is even more surprising than
Chen Hung-Lieh playing a good guy, though, is Ngai Ping-Ngo
(who usually plays wimps and nerds) playing a blind badass
with a steel staff. He actually manages to upstage Tien Feng!
The plot is sort of twisty, and there is some tense and
involving choreography slightly reminiscent of that in A Taste
of Cold Steel (a film in which Chen Hung-Lieh played a really
slimy character, even for him), but the special technique
ascribed to the title Winged Tiger style is one of those dorky
wire fu creations that isn't convincing for a second, and that
hurts the film a little. I suspect people stayed away from
the Celestial release of this one because of the awful graphics
on the DVD and VCD, which is sort of a shame, because this is
a decent film.

Reviewer Score: 6