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金衣大俠 (1970)
The Golden Knight

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 09/29/2020
Summary: Great cast, but could have been much better

A few great set piece battles too. In short, great ingredients but only so-so execution. Along the same lines as the linked review, it would take a few years before Shaw Brothers improved the formula to make highly watchable fu epics.

TGK suffers from comparison from many later efforts, so perhaps I am being a bit harsh. Had I seen TGK before its much more entertaining later efforts, I may have said something like "this shows promise".

However, even considering some great heroines of the 60s, Lily Ho's part is disappointing. She is not nearly as able as one would expect. The plot is full of weird holes - not unusual for a fu epic - but the pace and excitement is not nearly enough to make up for it.

Rather a disappointment.

Reviewer Score: 4