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女俠賣人頭 (1970)
Heads for Sale

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 04/12/2008

A swordsman and swordswoman want to get married, but fall out over something that's never adequately explained, leading one of them to cross some bandits and get falsely imprisoned, falling sick in jail. The other concocts an outlandish scheme to get him medical treatment, leaving them both in jail, and requiring a family rescue. Although essentially a simple plot it's not easy to summarise, since so much of it is generic (only the outlandish scheme is novel, and therefore gives the film its name despite being a minor plot point in the grand scheme), yet not especially coherent.

The production is fairly typical for a Shaws wu xia pian of the era, featuring a mostly b-list cast. Director Cheng Chang Ho does a reasonable job, but shows little of the distinctive style he would develop with his next film, King Boxer (todo: check chronology!), though the action scenes do show a higher than average attention to camera placement details. There's not much else to make the film as memorable as its title.

Reviewer Score: 4

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 07/22/2003

Nice title for a sword movie! Too bad there was only a few heads dropping. In this one, you get to see the gentle, loving Chiao Chiao wield a sword. She does a good job. Chiao Chiao plays Hua Pi Lien. The flick starts off with Pi Lien being jilted by her lover, Lo Hung Hsun (Chen Liang). Wanting to get away and release some frustrations, Pi Lien disappears for a while and later manages to upset a nasty debt collector (played by Fan Mei Sheng). Meanwhile, Hung Hsun decides to look for his girlfriend and when he does find her, she is in a showdown with the debt collector and his men. Hung Hsun saves Pi Lien and the debt collector runs off and tells his Boss (played by Kao Feng) with a big scar across his face. It so happens that this Boss and Hung Hsun have met before and this Boss with the scar would surely like to pay Hung Hsun a visit. You know what I mean? But you know what? After a sword orgy in which a load of people are dueling with swords and throwing darts at each other, Pi Lien and the Boss with the scar on his face duel each other on a suspension bridge. Quite exciting! Pi Lien is hanging on for dear life and then all of a sudden like flies on rice, Hung Hsun comes out of nowhere to save the day!