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蔡李佛勇擒色魔 (1970)
Choi Lee Fat

Reviewed by: heinz Germany
Date: 06/16/2018
Summary: Only worth watching for the 10 minutes intro

The first ten minutes shows various very young students performing martial arts very skillful and absolutly convincing. These displayed skills are far superior compared to those shown in some fighting in the (about running under 65 minutes long) whole movie which has several students as extras. I wonder if some of them later entered film-industrie as stuntmen or instructors lately...

Anyhow it's always nice to see sweet Nancy Sit though its hard to accept seeing her beating those skilled extras first and second playing the daughter of villainious Sek Kin. Stanley Fung Sui-Fan is one of the good guys, which is against my expectations, too. The reason for somehow miscasting Kong Dan must be to display her volporous figure (even in a short "3-some-catfight").
For having that pool of real martial artists means the absence of any of those countless fighting-extras known from other movies of this period. (which makes the movie kind of outsstanding during that period). I wonder why Master Ho Ngau (who is actor, martial arts instructor and producer of this movie) did not appear in other movies and I suppose he must have been disappointed with the result - or was he pushed of the film-industry by the regular stuntmens? - that would be an interesting story behind the silver screen indeed and even a good story to make another movie about that topic. too. (Sorry for my English friends)

Reviewer Score: 4