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女殺手 (1971)
The Lady Professional

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 09/23/2005
Summary: 5/10 - some good scenes, some awful

The story is jibberish, but at times the film pulls out some nicely directed scenes that make us forget it. Then at other times the direction is dreadful, and the banality of the script begins to annoy again! Since my opinion of Kuei Chi Hung is not terribly good, I'm going to assume that the well directed scenes were the work of Matsuo Akinori :p Unfortunately, the well directed scenes are probably in a minority, though the film does generally improve as it progresses (the opening scenes of sped up cars are atrocious). If nothing else, Lily Ho is always nice to look at, so even the shoddily directed scenes are at least tolerable when she's on screen.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: sharkeysbar
Date: 03/07/2005
Summary: What a lady! what a nun!!

Ho Li Li is the big star in this 1971 action movie. She is the professional killer and the story unfolds the reasons and events that led her to this profession.
The story is fairly pacey, though short at 80 minutes. It is a little confused at the beginning, but once the action starts flowing it becomes a very enjoyable movie.
Ho Li Li manages to whip ass left, right and centre and deliver justice to all the bad guys that have the misfortune to cross her path.
I found this movie a great late 1960s romp, sticking fairly closely to the formula for success of that day, fast cars (well some at least), beautiful women, mean bad guys, fights, nightclubs, more fights, you get the picture. Just when you think that you have this movie all worked out, it throws a twist at the end, or does it? I enjoyed it and if you have seen any of Ho Li Li's movies, you'll enjoy this one. As you have probably gathered, I liked it, a lot! Ho Li Li rocks! Even as a nun!!