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Death Blow

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 06/11/2009
Summary: Music does not make a movie...

A French businessman has a antique jade statue stolen from his home and immediately recruits the local police to help find the piece. Meanwhile, the businessman's daughter Louise (Jenny Jones) is accosted on the street and is rescued by Chow Chun (Steve Yu). Later, when the police inspector (Ngai Ping-Ngo) goes to a famous local investigator for assistance, he is put in referred to Chow for help. Louise is kidnapped by a local gang led by Lung (Alex Lung Ji-Fei) and Chow devises a plan to rescue her and recover the jade temple statue at the same time.

Death Blow (released as Thunderfist) in the US is a trainwreck of a film. Yuen clan brother Cheung-Yah helms the action direction duties along with assumed first-time assistance from legend Yuen Wah. Unfortunately, none of the trademark ingenuity and style of the Yuen clan choreography makes an appearance in this film. Despite the presence of multiple Yuens (Brandy, Shun-Yi, Corey and Biao), this is straight fists and feet with nothing in between. The final fight is so long (basically the last quarter of the film) and uninspired that it nearly had me reaching for the remote to put myself out of my misery. Throw into the mix an absolutely terrible dub job on par with the bottom-scraping "In Sword We Trust" and you are getting near the bottom of the scale for kung fu movies. The only saving grace for the movie is the incredibly attractive Jenny Jones (who I could not find a shred of additional information about) and the US-release music score provided by funk keyboard legend LaMont Johnson. In terms of fitting into the story, it's a disaster, but the music itself is funk gold. Those are about the only two things I can recommend from this movie, spare yourself and move on.


Reviewer Score: 2