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δΈƒηœζ‹³ηŽ‹ (1974)
The Manchu Boxer

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 01/25/2003

Shot in the snowy Korean landscape, this flick was supposed to be Lau Wing’s springboard into stardom. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, but nevertheless, Lau Wing has appeared in many movies with meaty parts so you can’t quite say he was a bust. Anyways, this flick was boring and slow and once again features Wilson Tong and Sammo as a couple of ruthless Japanese henchmen. The story has Lau Wing playing this guy named Chen who promises to his Father that he will not use his gung fu anymore after he has just killed somebody. His Father boots him out his house, and Chen decides to take to the road. During his travels, Chen encounters a thief who tries to rob him, but later befriends him until he passes away. Before dying, the thief asks Chen to travel to his village to tell his family that he has passed away. Chen arrives at the thief’s village to inform his family that their Father has died. The family is in serious debt, so being the kind man that he is, Chen decides to take a job at a tournament construction site to help pay off their debt. Meanwhile, the local Korean Big Boss (Chin Chi Chu) has hired a couple of Japanese thugs to wipe out all the competition for the tournament so that he can win the prize. But when the Big Boss decides to kill 3 of Chen’s friends in the process, Chen decides to join the tournament for a chance to fight against the Japanese and to avenge the death of his friends.