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二龍爭珠 (1974)
Tiger's Claw

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 09/27/2005

Cliff Lok plays a kung-fu upstart who goes around the countryside trying to find a worthy opponent. While in a bar, he overhears some of the locals talking about a fighter named "Tiger" (Shek Kin) who is the best in the land. Trouble is, Tiger is in jail for a crime he didn't commit, so Cliff breaks him out, and then arranges a duel. However, the man who set Tiger up wants to finish the job, so the duo must team up before they can prove who is the best fighter.

This is a solid old-school movie. The plot is pretty much the usual revenge stuff, but there are a few twists in here to keep the viewer suitably entertained. Action-wise, Tiger's Claw doesn't disappoint, with the fights coming fast and furious. Cliff Lok (who I have never heard of before) has a definite tough guy or Jimmy Wang Yu vibe to him and makes for a nice hero, while Shek Kin puts in another good performance in both acting and fighting. Fans of staff fighting will want to make special notice of this film, since there are a couple of great fights featuring them -- but most any old-school fan should enjoy Tiger's Claw.

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Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 07/05/2002

Chen Yi Hu (Cliff Lok) traverses all of China fighting everybody (I mean everybody) to determine if he is the best fighter in the land. Fighting is hobby to him. Will anybody put this young buck in his place? One day, after a victorious bout, Chen Yi Hu, overhears a conversation in a restaurant about a great fighter named the Tiger (Shih Kien). He needs to find this man and fight him but there is one catch. The Tiger is in jail. So what does Chen Yi Hu do? He purposely commits a crime so that he may go to jail and use the chance to meet up with the Tiger and fight him. Chen Yi Hu then knocks out the Tiger and escapes from prison with the Tiger so that he can fight him later. Is this guy crazy or what? Eventually, after the Tiger settles some past scores with his old “friends”, the Tiger and Chen Yi Hu square off. After the first fight in which the Tiger “threw” the fight to have Chen Yi Hu claim victory, the Tiger plans to teach Chen Yi Hu a lesson in fighting and about showing a little humility, and does he ever! The Tiger practically whoops Chen Yi Hu’s ass up and down, left and name it. After the beating by the Tiger, Chen Yi Hu finds out some interesting news about the Tiger that will change his life forever. Average flick with slow average fighting. The flick barely had any familiar faces in it to make it worth the viewing or purchase. You might want to avoid this one.