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龍虎走天涯 (1975)
Blood Money

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 01/24/2004

This is a Shaw Brothers and Harbor Films (Italy/Spain) co-production. Wang Ho Chien (Lo Lieh) is sent by a Warlord (Wang Hsieh) to America to help recover his investment that Wang Ho Chien’s uncle was in charge of. The Warlord is hot and gives Wang Ho Chien one year to find his Uncle and the whereabouts of his investment or his whole family will be put to death.
Wang Ho Chien arrives in the US and meets up with a gunslingin’ thief by the name of Dakota (Lee Van Cleef), the man responsible for his Uncle’s death. With the help of Dakota, Wang Ho Chien is able to piece together some clues to his Uncle’s “treasure” by following a trail of tattooed buttocks. In the meantime, Wang and Dakota are being chased by a religious fanatic who wants his paws on Uncle Wang’s stash so that he can build him a great big church to preach his murderous views! After a climatic gun fight in the final reel with the religious fanatic and a bunch of his drunken gun-wielding Mexican friends, Wang, Dakota, and a pretty girl (Karen Yip) return to China to inform the Warlord of some interesting news about his “lost” investment.