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洪拳小子 (1975)
Disciples of Shaolin

Reviewed by: Michael Kistner
Date: 10/23/2007

My favourite Shaw Brothers movie. Wonderful made, with a great Fu Sheng and very good fight scenes.
Beautiful soundtrack including music of Gianni Ferrio (La Poliziotta), Claudio Mattone (Cugini Carnali), Piero Piccioni (Colpo Rovente), G. Fusco (Domani non siamo piu qui), Romolo Grano (Ca Ira Il Fiume Della Rivolta) and Ennio Morricone (Da Uomo A Uomo, Nightmare Castle, Sound Dimensions).

Reviewer Score: 10

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

One of director Zhang Che's most mature works in his post-ShawBrothers period in the mid-'70s: this was produced for his own production company. It tells the tale of a naive young man (played by Alexander Fu Sheng) who, upon arriving in the big city, gains fame and power overnight. Almost a variation of The Big Boss, starring Bruce Lee, the characters here are better developed and the vision much darker. The late Fu Sheng (a Zhang Che discovery) gives one of his best performances.

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