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一簾幽夢 (1975)
Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 10/05/2003

I am a sucker for these 1970’s Taiwanese romance flicks. There is just something about them and beautiful theme songs like this one has. This flick stars famous Taiwanese actress Chen Chen and her then husband, Patrick Tse. She plays a young immature girl named Chi Ling who can never please her parents no matter what she does. The man that she loves, Tsu Lien (Charlie Chin), is destined to marry her sister, Lu Ping (Wang Ping). Life for Chi Ling is going nowhere fast, but throughout the bad times, she still has her pearly curtain. Enter the mature rich male by the name of Fei Yung Fan (Patrick Tse). This is what Chi Ling needs to get her life cooking. Yung Fan treats Chi Ling very well and they marry and move abroad. Meanwhile, life for Chi Ling’s love, Tsu Lien, and her sis are tumultuous at best. Chi Ling and Yung Fan come back to Taipei to visit and that’s when Lu Ping and Tsu Lien go for a divorce. Will Chi Ling flee the coup for Tsu Lien or will she stay with Yung Fan? Watch it and find out! Excellent flick for those who like these Taiwanese soap type flicks.