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中原鏢局 (1976)
The Ming Patriots

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 02/18/2003

Great cast, stinky movie! The flick takes part at the end of the Ming Dynasty, 16th Century. The Chings take over and attempt to put their stamp on everything. A Princess (Chang Chien) and her teacher (Ma Chi) are on the run from the Chings. The two are trying to reach General Chow (Roy Chiao) at Chen Yan to deliver some valuable jewels and the Ming Emperor's last will. Luckily for the Princess and her Teacher, they find assistance in a retired escort named Li Chi Yung (Bruce Li), who will assist them to reach their final destination. When it seems like the whole Ching Army and their nemesis (Chang Yi) on their back, the Escort and the Princess will find the journey to Chen Yan bumpy. How will they ever arrive in Chen Yan in one piece?