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白玉老虎 (1977)
Jade Tiger

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 11/14/2004
Summary: Agree with Mr booth

This movie has a moral to it's story though at times i felt it was shoved down our throats!!

I felt this movie just had too many plot twists which lead to it being a little unbelieveable.This is the main failing of the movie.

There is a array of SB stars here and none of them are wasted. Yueh hua and lo lieh are some of my favorite actors and they both show there diverse acting skills!! Ti lung just breezes through his role.


Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 01/19/2004
Summary: 4/5

**** THE JADE TIGER: Another Chor Yuen/Gu Long/Ti Lung collaboration, this one enjoyably dark and down-beat. Production values luscious as always, with some simply gorgeous scenery. A bit less fantastic than some of Chor Yuen's sentimental swordsman films, which marks it down slightly, but still very enjoyable, though not one I'd pick to introduce somebody to the style of film.

Reviewer Score: 8