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大路強人 (1978)
Mr. Big

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 12/21/2001
Summary: Overall, So-so

This film has many weaknesses, the first of which is a ridiculous script, which combines realistic crime action (the heist which nets guns by accident) with incredible inanity (Bolo Yeung's egotistical character allowing Piao to take over his gang without challenge the moment he first walks in). The script rambles all over the place, and often seems to forget who the central character (Piao) is. The romance between Piao and Annie Liu is completely unconvincing. The action is infrequent and not particularly exciting.

The only thing which saves this film from being totally awful is the good cast who do their best to act well against huge hurdles. One-time only actress Zsa Zsa (not Gabor !) provides some diversions, with her pixie face and briefly exposed large bosoms, and having fun playing a really nasty piece.
There's also some weirdness. Veteran action baddie Tang Ching, who plays the honorable leader of the 36th Tong, spends the entire movie with hair dyed blue. I'm not just talking blue rinse. A kind of dark sky blue. Never explained or even referred to. Odd.

Also puzzing is the English title. Though it is certainly about hoodlums and gangs, it's never made clear who the titular Mr Big is supposed to be. Jason Piao plays the central character, but his actions hardly qualify him for the appellation.

Probably of interest only to keen fans of the actors or crime genre late 70s fans.

Reviewer Score: 4