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浪子一招 (1978)
The Legendary Strike

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 03/02/2018
Summary: Great cast, average film with a good plot...

Paul Chu plays Tan Shih-Erh, a wandering swordsman who gets involved in the search for “Dharma’s Relic”, a pearl that may or may not be in the body of a dead monk. Lord Yun (Carter Wong) is desperately searching for the prize as well, and uses all his subordinates to find it before Chin Lun (Angela Mao) and the Ming rebels do. The participants all converge at a remote inn in the desert and battle each other with trickery and fists to get the valuable artifact.

The Legendary Strike has an above-average plot that remains interesting throughout the film, which is a rarity in this genre. The cast is made up of all well-known actors, with Kam Kong, Casanova Wong and Chan Sing rounding out the group. Unfortunately, the fights are a bit below average, with even strong screen fighters like Casanova Wong looking a bit underwhelming. Angela Mao is always a pleasure to watch, but she doesn’t really get to shine like she should. The film doesn’t lift itself out of the average realm, but is able to hold your interest for its entirety. There are two versions out there, one that runs just over 70 minutes and then an 83 minute cut that includes some more background stories of the characters and their struggle against the Ching government.

Reviewer Score: 6