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ѹt (1979)
Kung Fu Vs. Yoga

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 12/18/2004

Young Tiger (Chin Yuet Sang) one day partakes in a gung fu contest without really knowing the ramifications. He wins the contest and the grand prize—the right to marry the daughter (Michelle Mai Suet) of the town’s most wealthy figure (Paul Chang Chung). Marriage is not that easy for Tiger as the daughter, Ting, just flat out refuses to marry him so in an act of desperation to help his daughter out, a plan is drawn up. In order for Tiger to marry Ting, Tiger must accomplish 3 objectives. First, he must obtain a gung fu manual from a Monk (San Kuai) by any means. Second, he needs to visit a brothel and steal some jade from a prostitute there. Third, he must steal a ruby from a yoga master. The first two jobs were tough yet manageable; however, the third and final job to “seal the deal” was a pain in the arse. The Yoga Master was incredible! He was almost like a plastic man, very lithe. The last job as Tiger and his buddy, Wu Shing (Alan Hsu), were attempting to get that ruby was hilarious and filled with some good gung fu and startling flexibility by the Yoga Master. Overall, a decent flick to watch.

Reviewed by: goldenshaw
Date: 05/20/2004
Summary: Unique style!

there's something unique about this film
is the super flexible indian guy, who uses a combination of yoga, contortion and kung fu in fighting his opponents.