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廣東鐵橋三 (1979)
Cantonen Iron Kung Fu

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 09/19/2003

This is your usual old school kung fu revenge stuff with a familiar plot. A corrupt businessman wants to take over the supply routes in a small town, so he hires Phillip Ko to take out the competition, a guy named Master Lin. Eventually, Lin's student/employee (Leung Kar Yan) comes out for revenge after learning a unique style of kung fu. The pacing is poor during the first part of the movie, concentrating (like many films of the time) too much on broad comedy. However, things improve considerably at the end, which culminates in a good fight between Ko and "Beardy" Leung. Cantonen Iron Kung Fu isn't the best old school or Leung Kar Yan movie, but it's far above many similar films and worth a look if you're a fan.