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三毛流浪記 (1980)
Kung Fu Kids Break Away

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 09/14/2006
Summary: New vehicle for Wang Ye-Lung & Ou Ti.

This was a vehicle for the two most popular Taiwanese child stars of that period, Wang Ye-Lung and Ou Ti, the stars of "Cunning Kids". Wang was specialized in acrobatic scenes, like a miniaturized Jackie Chan, and Ou in dramatic roles, so both show their capabilities throught the movie... and both do a great job! The interaction between the couple is really good, Wang as the good and honest boy who "fights for justice" San Mao and Ou as the mischievous crafty sort from the streets Pu-Li. The first scene together, in which Pu-Li tricks Mao in the restaurant is anthological; it recalled me "Midnight Cowboy" - version for kids. Half of the movie is good, with a fine direction, sets and story, if you don't forget this is a B-series movie. But the other half (kung fu scenes, gags, slapstick, final duel between Casanova and villain Eddy Ko) is absolutely mediocre.

My copy is the "Filmark version" which cuts several scenes between the teen girl (friend of Pu-Li and Mao) and her relationship with the kind son of Eddy.

Reviewer Score: 5