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ϤѪ (1980)
Two Toothless Tigers

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 01/03/2003

The star of this flick is Yuen Hsun Yi as Sammo takes a back seat and appears briefly throughout the flick before appearing towards the end to help fight the villain in the finale. Basically, the plot is about a map that contains the whereabouts of a treasure. One guy, Tai Tien Yee (Yuen Hsun Yi) owns one part; Master Kim (Lee Hoi Sang) owns the other. They both have been squabbling for years on how they will go about divvying up the treasure once they find it. In the background, waiting for the kill is Tai Tien Yee’s best friend (Chung Fa) who is plotting to make the treasure all his own. The flick is average all the way through but really picks up towards the end as Wang Lung Wei enters into the picture. He plays the villain named Liu Tu Ying aka the Black Phoenix who is featured in the end fight as he takes on Sammo and Yuen Hsun Yi. This flick is for the Sammo Hung completists and those who want to see Wang Lung Wei in a non-Shaw Brothers flick.