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識英雄重英雄 (1980)
Two on the Road

Reviewed by: AkiraRus
Date: 12/03/2007
Summary: Mediocre

Nothing particularly exciting here except final fight of Wong Lung-Wei versus Leung Ka-Yan and Philip Ko (although it's almost ruined by little too obvious wirework). Also there is too much "humor" in here and even Kong Do is more of a comic villain who doesn't fight but just gets a lot of punches from Leung and Ko.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 12/25/2004

A couple of conmen are accused of heisting a gold shipment intended for some refugees in one of China's famine areas. The conmen accuse each other for the heist after a bounty is put out for the arrest of the parties who did the heist. After the double crossing, squabbling, and fighting that the two partake in daily does not bring any money to their pockets, the twosome decide to combine their energy to find the real guy behind the gold heist. Plenty of good gung fu in this flick, especially towards the end.