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Super Fool!

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 06/10/2010
Summary: the fool who follows...

heung kan (richard ng) arrives with his brother, heung to ming (ring law), in hong kong, after fleeing the mainland. the two try to start a new life, but things take a strange turn when it is revealed that heung kan looks identical to great dragon (err... richard ng); an action movie star. things take an even stranger turn when a stunt goes tragically wrong for great dragon and his manager (phillip chan) approaches heung kan to step into his shoes...

this was a pretty enjoyable movie, not really breaking any new ground, but a solid slice of richard ng comedy, with a touch of social commentary on the world of celebrity thrown in for good measure. what i found slightly odd, was that it felt more like a collection of scenes that had been stuck together, in order to get some comic mileage out of the concept, without achieving an overall flow throughout film. still, watching richard ng have lots of fun as he brazenly exploits his power as great dragon, is very entertaining. i wonder if he (or the writer) had anyone specific in mind when crafting the character?

good stuff...

Reviewed by: Tonic
Date: 12/24/2007

Nice social commentary/comedy. Richard Ng stars as an illegal immigrant who turns out to look exactly the same as a hot martial arts star (a la Bruce Lee).

The film also shows off some excellent Ballet from Flora Cheung (I can't believe how so few films she did!)

Phillip Chan is also excellent as the martial arts star manager, especially as he is driven mad by events such as an 'accidental' vasectomy.

Not packed with lots of laugh out loud sequences or gags - but solid and well recommended.