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衝鋒車 (1981)
Mobfix Patrol

Reviewed by: sharkeysbar
Date: 04/25/2008
Summary: An early Kent Cheng cop film

This is an atypical police film from 1981 and an opportunity to see a younger Kent Cheng playing a policeman.
It was an interesting, yet somewhat uncomfortable film, possibly to the more than usually graphic portrayals of violence. I read where it was called a black comedy, but I didn't see that in this film, yet I do feel it was a somewhat strange film, albeit due to the way the storyline is at one moment sympathetic to the characters then it quickly changes to treat them coldly.
The film has plenty of fight scenes, chases and other action sequences, so on that level is is quite good but I keep having this uncomfortable feeling when I think of this film. Maybe this is a sign of a powerful film, I am not sure, but while I wouldn't say this is a great cop film, it is worth a viewing, definitely.

Reviewer Score: 6