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打雀英雄傳 (1981)
Mahjong Heroes

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 12/28/2003
Summary: Average

When you start watching this movie, you know exactly what is going to happen!! A very typical plot of Chin Siu Ho needing to learn how the play Mahjong in 6 months so he can win control over the gambling clubs so his Father won't get ripped off by his wife, played by Betty ting Pei.

The movie also tries to make us laugh, which doesn't work, The guy who calls himself Jackie Chan in the movie reminded me of a intellectually disabled person!! Yuah Hua doesn't do much and PAtrick Tse just needs to smoke and smoke and smoke in his screen time.

I have basic knowledge of Mahjong and yet the ending was not so exciting. I am not sure the reason was i didn't understand what was happening or whether the movie bored me so much i couldn't care!! Even Patrick has to show off his skills at the end!!

Just so predictable, though i would have to watch the ending to again to see if the movie is anything better than a