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T (1982)
Expensive Tastes

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 08/18/2002
Summary: Ludicrous

The opening scene looks very promising. A creepy scene where a camera follows the male lead around a greenhouse full of cacti, with which he is fascinated. But the plot quickly shoots itself in both feet in a courtroom scene which beggars belief - a lawyer is allowed to ask the most indecent questions imaginable of a rape victim with the endorsement of the judge. I can't believe that even a naive country bumpkin could find this scene credible, let alone anyone with an education.
Things never really recover from that point on. Flora Cheung does her best as a crusading journalist being pursued by Yu Yung's psyco rapist. Yu Yung doesn't quite manage to be credible, as he usually looks a bit too nice. Lily Chan does her usual pouty turn as the barrister's tarty wife, and Lau Dan is sleazy enough as the awful barrister.
A pity, really. There's some great talent wasted here. You'd need to be taking some serious mind-altering substances to suspend disbelief for this tripe.

Reviewer Score: 2