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車魂 (1983)
The Accident

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 10/27/2000
Summary: Corny but very good

First, a big tick - the subtitles here are very large and a pleasure to read.

One genre HK film is very weak on is horror. I have yet to see a HK horror film which is genuinely scary, as opposed to dozens where people are blood flows by the bucketload and body parts go everywhere.

Having established this baseline, The Accident is much more scary, and far better made, than any other HK horror film I've seen. The little girl's revenges are credible and frightening, a feeling accentuated by lead actress Ai Ti, who plays the boss's wife, and the only one of the four culprits who shows regret for her actions. She plays the role of the will-she-or-won't-she-get-it character very well. Kent Cheng, too, is terrific as the pierrot character Fatty, and the last one-third of the film loses some impact for his not being present in it.

There's no restraint here. This is melodrama in extremis.The toy factory is not identified, but it could be called Rude Overbearing Arseholes Inc, judging by the management team. One man pushes a worker to go faster, causing him to smash a hand in a pressing machine, and he continues to curse the worker as he wails in pain. Even when the first guy dies, the remaining two continue to be nasty. Gawdsakes.

There's a couple of ripper nightmare scenes. One of the baddies is lured into an operating theatre, where the surgeon specializes in pulling out your gizzards while holding a scalpel like a dagger, then saying to the bad guy, "Next!". There's even two bits of frontal nudity - rather darkened, but still pretty clear. One is in that same scene, where it's a naked young female patient who is "treated" first, while trying to escape.

And the inevitable exorcism climax has the (female) taoist's young maid stripped naked and painted with spells, as a lure to the demon. Not sure why the ghost of an eight year old girl would find a cute teen babe attractive, but hell I'm not complaining ;)

Watch The Accident and see just how well HK can do horror. Then watch some others, and weep for what could have been. It's no classic, but is recommended viewing.

Reviewer Score: 7